Update February 22, 2015

Attached are files that will be presented at the 2/24 Regional School Committee meeting as an update of Trends Subcommittee work. The file "District-Trends-Subcommittee-Report_2015-02-24.pdf" is a cover page, which shows areas being looked at and approximate % of completion. Eventually all sub reports will be merged into one PDF with that as the cover page.

NOTE: all reports are drafts at this time and no conclusions should be drawn on them until they are final later this year.

NOTE: March 24, 2014 - Below I replaced District-Trends-Subcommittee-Report-2015-02-24.pdf with District-Trends-Subcommittee-Report-2015-03-24.pdf to correct typos on that page. All docs here are what was presented at the 3/24/2015 Regional School Committee meeting (it was delayed from original plan of 2/24).